Welcome to Notun Jibon

Notun Jibon was established in March 2016. The NGO became a Trust in Feb 2019 and registered in Kolkata. The Trust has a 80G and 12 AA certification issued under the Finance Ministry, Income Tax department, CIT (Exemption) Government of India. s

In West Bengal, mid day meals are given at all government aided schools under theIntegrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS), Dept of Mother and Child, Social Welfare,Goverment of West Bengal. At an ICDS center the system is run by the Aganwadi/Asha workers who manage these centers and nurture a child pre birth till age 4 and health care and day care of the child is taken care of by them. A good wholesome meal is also cooked for the children reporting to these centers.

The Aganwadi/Asha workers get basic training in child care and hygiene and not being too educated they impart the early education to the child in the best way possible, which may not be the correct way of imparting knowledge to the child. Notun Jibon has the capability to launch Remedial Classes in several centers across the city of Kolkata which will house 25 small children in each class and study for three hours ever five days a week. .

We are doing a simple version of the same every Saturday called “Happy Times” in Rash Behari Avenue which is all about spending two hours of quality time for the homeless children making them aware of their social rights. The classes are conducted in a park or under the open sky or at a place where they sleep. This also allows us to reach out to the ladies in the family who at times sit around them and learn too.

The Methodology of Remedial Classes: Class One to class Four (age 5 to age 10) each class 25 students Homework/Class work to be taught/revised Civic and Social Sciences Self Hygiene and Environmental Hygiene Art and Craft Music and Games Excursions and tours and holding out door camps. The students will also be given a nutritious evening meal.

Teachers to be B.Ed and if possible Montessori Certified with flair in English and fun loving too. Classes will be more on experiential Learning and sharing rather than conventional teaching methods and a lot of music and dance and theatre and activities will be brought in so that “Learning is fun” and the child looks forward to coming back the next day. The longing to come back and participate should be the key take away.

To achieve our Mission we have created a team of likeminded individuals who devote some hours every day towards the functioning of the organisation. Even if we are less in number, we believe a little more persistence, our continuous effort and hopeless failures will turn into glorious Success one day.


Our Mission: To work with Street children and less fortunate underprivileged and bring them back to evening Remedial School and make them Unlearn-Relearn and gain correct education so that when they reach class five they are ready to join mainstream education in better schools sponsored by CSR initiatives of Corporate.


Our Vision: Let's bring the smiles back through Remedial Education for the Underprivileged street children and get them back into society by making them skilled and employable.


INITIATE - Gear Up and set the initiative in motion
INSPECT – Doing proper research and background checks
IMPLEMENT – Full Execution and Making an Impact

About The Board of Trustees/Directors

Arup Sengupta: Founder, Managing Trustee and has an established corporate background and experience of 46 years having worked in FMCG for 29 years and in Human Capital Resources Management for 17 years in Organizations' like NIIT (NIS Sparta Ltd) Reliance NIS Academy and Centum Learning Ltd. And is a group Organisation of (Bharti Airtel Ltd) as National Head: Quality Assurance in Training across verticals. He retired from Vision India Staffing Pvt.Ltd as Director Business Excellence and moved to Kolkata to pursue his dream of becoming a Philanthropist and supporting the unfortunate through various projects with funds coming from friends and family as well as his own contribution which continues till date. Management of the day to day activities of the Trust and organizing the Fund flow and operating the Annual budget plans is his prime responsibility.

Jhumki Banerjee : teamed up with Arup in Nov 2016 and together they worked on ideas and future projects, as she has around 12 years of Market Research experience which she put on board to chalk out strategies in the early stages. Prime areas of responsibility is implementing all field operations as well as recruiting volunteers and field training etc.

Dalia Sengupta teamed up in December 2016 and the three of them launched the first project of distributing 200 blankets (Donations from School / College Friends of Darjeeling of Arup) They went to the streets at midnight 31st December 2016 and covered up 200 shivering souls who were at mercy of nature under the open skies. The seed to work the streets supporting the pavement dwellers and especially the small children became their target audience, which grew to become an obsession even today. Dalia has previous NGO experience having worked in an Indo Korean Project in the slums of Ultadanga and other bustees in 24 Parganas and was awarded by Government of India for her work in the social sector. She is responsible for managing the Education and cultural projects.

Barun Banerjee (Jhumki's father) joined in November 2017 bringing with him over 40 years of rich experience of being in Government service and post that as Senior Manager in an Export Organisation. Barun is the cushion of strength as he cools the team down with his patience when things get warmer than normal. Currently Barun holds no responsibility due to his present assignment in his corporate position.

Anil Pradhan stationed in Kalimpong is our Director/Advisor and supports our Managing Trustee in organizing donations as both come from the same School/College in Darjeeling. Mr Pradhan is a business man of repute and is a stake holder in the Trust.

The rest of our permanent Team are Tathagatha Ray : Mohua Samamta : Subhangi Adhikary, who are all Senior Executive Members and contribute substantially to the total outcome of all our projects.